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Since we started in 2004, Sounds Good has aimed at adopting a different, more personalised approach

when it comes to Audiovisual services & Musical editing for Social & Corporate events.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, both in terms of quality & appearance, along with extensive experience & know-how in meeting the needs of top-quality entertainment & event venues,

are some of Sounds Good's best assets. Add to this our passion for music, which prompts us to constantly keep up with the latest musical trends, our special attention to detail for tailoring of the event to your needs & you don't have to look any further.

Word of mouth constitutes our best advertisement, as our goal is always to fully meet your needs, satisfy them in total & even more. This is why we do not seek exclusivity when providing our services & make us happy to work in tandem with other well-established companies & vendors.

In closing, i would like to thank you for visiting our website & social media pages.

Alexis Niaounakis Founder

Alexis Niaounakis


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